Accpac Simply Accounting for ESL Learners

Accpac Simply Accounting for Windows is Canada's best-selling accounting software.

Learn Accpac Simply Accounting for ESL learners The course covers manual accounting for the first 5 – 6 weeks and computerized Accounting for the remaining period. At the end of manual Accounting period, a written test will be given (20 marks).

In order to achieve better comprehension of the program, the students are required to complete 6 – 7 exercises. A student who joins the program late will continue in the next term to complete the course requirement to achieve a certificate.

Learn Accpac Simply Accounting in OttawaCOURSE REQUIREMENTS:

  • Eighty (80) percent of the attendance in the class is required to be eligible for the certificate.
  • Completion of the following assignment:
1. Level I Book: An exercise with step-by-step instructions. Answer the questions at the end of each chapter before proceeding to the next. (Total of five exercises) Each exercise contains 2 marks. Total of 10 marks for the book.

2. Level II Book: A comprehensive and more detailed exercise with step-by- step instructions. An exercise to be completed at the end of each chapter. Total of 10 marks for the book.

3. Level II Exercise: An exercise with some instructions.

Learn Accpac Simply Accounting Canada's Number 1 Selling Business Accounting Software4. Mid-term Test: A comprehensive exercise without any instructions. Total of 20 marks.

5. Exercise IV: An exercise to use GENERAL LEDGER for all entries till other ledgers are set ready one by one.

6. Exercise V: An exercise to revise all the concepts.

7. Final Exam: An exercise to test the comprehension. (40 marks)

8. Additional exercises are available for those requiring additional experience.

Seventy (70) percent marks are required to achieve the certificate.

Failure to meet the above requirements, the student will not receive an achievement certificate but can ask for a letter of attendance in the class.

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