MS Office Access

Learn MS Office Access to qualify for a better job!

Microsoft Access 2007 is a powerful application that gives you the tools you need to create clear, meaningful, effective reports.

This in-depth course offers practical tips and tricks to use Access effectively. Learn step by step how to use the features of this powerful database program.

Access is flexible and easy to use. Basic templates allow even inexperienced users to quickly start using the program. Access can be used with other Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel.

Databases are structured as tables consisting of columns and rows of information. Columns are used to identify types of information and the rows are the records or details of the data. Because a database table looks like a spreadsheet it is easy to transfer data from a program like MS Excel to Access.

Relational databases allow you to quickly compare information. Access does this particularly well. Data from many tables can be combined to produce powerful and effective reports.

Our well designed lessons break big topics into easy to learn chunks of information allowing the student to learn with ease.

In our course you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the new Access interface with Tabs, Ribbons and Groups
  • Use a template to create a new database
  • Start with a blank database to create a new one
  • Understand data types such as Text, Memo, Date, etc.
  • Enter and edit data
  • OLE Objects
  • Work with tables and fields
  • Field properties, Input Masks, Smart Tags
  • Sort, filter, create relationships
  • Form View and Datasheet View
  • Create simple and summary queries
  • Validation Rules
  • Create reports, Report Wizard
  • Grouping in reports, Summary Wizard, Quick Reports
  • New report design tools, Tab/Ribbon in Access 2007
  • Link to Excel worksheets … and much more

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