ESL Course Descriptions

You will find your ESL course descriptions on this page. Please note that not all courses are offered all the time. For courses currently being offered click on the ESL Classes link here.

The following courses are currently available:

ESL Course Descriptions

Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Beginner 2/3 Conversation
Beginner 3
Beginner 3 Pronunciation (CLB 4, 5)
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 1/2 Grammar & Writing
Intermediate 1/2 with Conversation Component
Intermediate 2
Building Skills for TOEFL & Test Preparation(CLB 6 & 7)
Academic Writing
Intermediate 3/Advanced (CLB 7/8 & up)
Intermediate 3/Advanced with Conversation Component (CLB 7/8)
TOEFL University Test Preparation (CLB 7/8 & up)

Computer Course Descriptions

Intro/MS Word(CLB 4 and up)
MS Excel/MS Word(CLB 4 and up)
Web Design / Photoshop(CLB 5 and up)
Intro/Power Point(CLB 4 and up)

LINC Course Descriptions

LINC Literacy/1
LINC 2/3
LINC 3/4/5

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Schools where you can take an ESL course

ESL Class Working on
CLB Level
Literacy 1
Beginner 1 2
Beginner 2 3
Beginner 3 4
Intermediate 1 5
Intermediate 2 6
Intermediate 3 7
Advanced 8