Communication and Pronunciation Class

This ESL Speaking and Listening course is designed for intermediate level learners to help improve their listening/speaking skills, as well as their pronunciation and communication skills. It will provide the tools, tips and methods to help students communicate more effectively, participate in discussions and understand listening material from a variety of sources. Working through a selection of interesting topics and discussions, the course will focus on the following:

  • Topics and activities to promote discussion, learn relevant vocabulary, and practice selected pronunciation points
  • Guided activities and tasks
  • Discussion strategies/giving and asking for opinions
  • Pair and group work (communicative interaction)
  • Student Oral Presentations
  • Pronunciation practice involving vowels, consonants, syllable stress (in words), sentence stress and rhythm, intonation
CD players with headphones are useful for ESL Speaking and Listening students to work independently at their own pace. They can be used to reinforce pronunciation points or to work on areas that are of a particular challenge to each individual. A tracking paper can help students keep a record of what they have worked on and the level of success achieved in each area.

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