ESL Sewing in Ottawa

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ESL Sewing
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ESL Sewing is a new course available at St. Patrick's Adult School.

The course is designed to help ESL students to become proficient in the language requirements while learning a marketable skill.

This course will benefit students looking to pursue a career in sewing and those interested in it as a hobby. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who have worked in the sewing field in other countries to re-enter their chosen field of work in Canada. For those seeking to work in the sewing field, this course will be a springboard to help achieve their dreams.

Course Topics:

  • reading, writing, speaking, listening skills in the context of a sewing environment
  • sewing terminology
  • functional language for providing assistance, giving explanations, referring, recommending, etc.
  • awareness of the use of colloquial and idiomatic English
  • Sewing specific job-searching techniques

In this ESL Sewing Class (CLB 4-8) you will learn English and develop Sewing Skills simultaneously!

  • Build your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Learn a skill that will help you find a job or create your own business.

In this class we will incorporate the fundamentals of sewing into language, elements of art/design, measurement/math, health and safety in the workplace and business fundamentals through practical applications.

Our class is equipped with the most up to date tools/machines.

Learn the basics of hand and machine sewing

Learn how to
  • Repair and construct clothing
  • Use patterns and create your own designs
  • Be environmentally savvy with fashion
  • Use your knowledge and new English language skills for work

Join us and start building an enjoyable, fulfilling future and career in fashion, retail and more.

This course is available at

St. Patrick's Adult School
290 Nepean Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 5G3
Phone: 613-594-5773
Click here to learn more about St. Patrick's.

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Spring 2024

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